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The Liquorsmith

by Andrew Carl Thams

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avingtonhouse The first time I heard the Liquorsmiths, I immediately wanted to dig deep and learn everything I could about this amazing music. I figured out how to contact them, and arranged to have a beer with Drew Thams. Little did I know that I would quickly become friends with one of the best songwriters I have ever known. Buckle up for this album! “Mercy” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. If you know Drew, you know this album came from his heart. This music is truly special. Favorite track: Mercy.
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Liquorsmith, liquorsmith, pour me a drink Its been one of those days that feels more like a week But the day it is done and I'm assured unto now There's a lesson to learn, hear me out hear me out Gone are the moments, the restroom sanctuaries Somewhere to hide, fight the tears or simply just breath For as long as it takes for the shakes to shake out In time this will pass, keep telling yourself That its not like the mountain, you brave or you climb Its the valley once hidden down the other side Seems beauty at first, then dark as you realize That your feet and your mind, oh they slide and they slide and they slide. My knees they're unbuckled, my syntax has stalled I'm the hapless old car in the middle of the road An obstacle saying please, please keep your drive Don't fail on me now, come on just keep getting by With a push and a pill chased by grocery store wine To avoid the inevitability of being hospitalized So liquorsmith, liquorsmith, how about that drink To the doctor who's calling when my life's on the brink She says welcome home to your life, you're free to work again Drive your car, ride your bike, raise a glass with your friends Tell your lover not to worry, that the dark days have past That your mind and your body have returned at long last I am back.
Its been 4 years and counting on that one night stand We all fell down pretty hard, but we're getting up again The monster in me is taking all the credit But there's a knight in shining armor just waiting for his moment One million people marching put us in the right direction But there's an ignorance that I'm still seeing that's looming like a great depression Darlin what I'm saying is bide your time because change is coming. When I was young my mother asked, "When you grow up what will you be?" Prepare yourself for sights unseen because every day is changing And when the time it comes to take the lead, be brave enough to stand on your seat Set aside your differences, she said darlin speak loudly Because liberty is a cold beer after a long work week and I am thirsty. I'll say what it takes, its a mouth full of blood, but that's alright because we are used to the taste It burns like a flame, but pain is like nicotine, more we want more, we want more. So when everybody's living scared saying its the president's fault Tell them turn those fingers inward because what the fuck have you done lately? And when the media is shelling bombs of social inequalities Well there's a quote that I learned long ago that comes to mind in times like these Give me your tired, give me your poor huddled masses yearning to breath free.
Have you made it now? Are you satisfied? Have you been acting out? Or are you making time? That's not what I asked, you're not in control I think you missed the point, but you are getting warm I have seen your fate, this isn't it You took a step back now, you got to get through this Now your missing home and your best friends But if you turn back now, you will disappoint them And you can't have that, so right this down Make your amends, I said write this down And then listen up, you had said all done Then you drove away, yeah you left us So take your time, Lets split up Realize again, that we are in love, but in the meantime Have mercy on yourself Have mercy on everybody else Have mercy on yourself Have mercy on those who care about you.
A horseless carriage has no heart but there's a man behind the wheel Blood runs black, worth more than cash Trapped within a cage that's made of steel So let's move too fast Let's watch the world go by outside the glass We won't look back For all we leave behind is smoke and gas The driver puts his trust in maps Where as I'm inclined to live by seats of pants This engine burns until it dies So buckle up love and brace for a wild ride Because I move real fast I watch the world go by outside the glass And me, see I don't ever look back For all I leave behind is smoke and gas I love you like a lion Wild are my intentions I am a hunter, a stalker, and you are the prey Take your chances and I assure you That with flesh and blood I will know you I will thoughtfully protect you with fire and rage Darlin you are the difference between hate and love and resistance I will treat you in the same way that I treat myself (Not very nicely)
Lite beer and rye whiskey If you don't take your pills you won't last through the night When you get home, we need to talk Though I know grown up decisions have never been your strength You've got a talent for being reckless A short fuse for bullshit, I respect you for that But there's a low level poison you can't do without You've been drinking quite heavy and your heart's full of doubt I found that pistol in the pawn shop with a box full of shells I know you've got the courage, but don't you dare point it at yourself The dog, he's been barking, he's been crying for help Because the one that he cares for is half way to hell Hit me in your hour of darkness because I want to feel your pain.
New York is dying at the hands of the devil but its not fire and brimstone, its no fallen angel Its a plague just like Moses, but on opposites day We still want our freedom, but rather let our people sty You can grow up a good man and still be a villain You can lay out a grand plan and have it all fall to pieces Its kind of like a puzzle, where you start with the corners You match up the colors and you can see the whole picture I write songs, I do the best that I can Sometimes I fuck up, but struggle makes the man So son, don't let me down, when I leave here, you're the man of this house Be patient, be strong and above all, take care of your mom New York is dying and there is fear in the streets There's blood on every front door praying lord pass over me But they're closing all the storefronts and there' a locust at my door Saying take one last look at liberty and whisper to her Long live the queen.
Out of the night that covers me Black as the pit from pole to pole I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable sole The fell clutch of circumstance I had not winced nor cried aloud under the bludgeoning of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed In this place of wrath and tears Looms but the horror of the shade And yet the menace of my years Finds and shall find me unafraid It matters not how straight the gate How charged with punishments the scroll I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my sole You say you want glory No matter the cost Its a limb or a life Long as the message ain't lost So let's live like we're martyrs We'll walk down the road Cause they can cut back a garden But the roots they still grow I have failed where I am strong I've triumphed where I am weak But I have learned to see it out Its been bright and its been bleak The gallows of a poisoned mind Where I am hated and despised And its cut me to the core And its the fire n my eyes So call it love or loneliness Call it fate or call it will Grit your teeth and make a fist 'Cause we will bleed for what is real You say you want glory No matter the cost Its a limb or a life Long as the message ain't lost So we'll live like we're martyrs We'll march down the roads 'Cause they can cut back a garden But the roots they still grow.
Bury me in memories With the music on loud, I was looking out As the trolley came down and stopped out front of my apartment And all at once, they called out my name I was a fool to think it was all for me Because you were there, laughing hysterically You said buzz me in, I did not at first You gave me that look Come on now let me in Bury me In memories Come on now bury me.


Andrew Carl Thams returns with his first solo album in five years.


released October 16, 2021

All songs written and instruments performed by Andrew Carl Thams unless otherwise specified.
Produced by Jeremy Grelle at Inhesion Studios


all rights reserved



The Liquorsmiths San Diego, California

The Liquorsmiths are a powerfully dynamic folk rock trio out of San Diego, Ca, known for their eclectic arrangements, compelling energy and poetic story-telling lyricism. Their style has recently been compared to Wilco meets Delta Spirit meets My Brightest Diamond, but retains a style and musicality all their own. ... more

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